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Three Sweet Girls opening OTR bakery

By Andy Brownfield

An Anderson Township mother and her two daughters are opening a new bakery in Over-the-Rhine after three years of successful operation in Kenwood.

Lisa Ebbert comes from a long line of bakers. Her grandfather, Edward Nickles, founded the Navarre, Ohio-based Nickles Bakery, and her father, Edward Davis, is a graduate of the American Institute of Baking in Chicago. Ebbert carried that tradition on with her daughters Lauren and Kristen in their Kenwood-based Three Sweet Girls Cakery.

Ebbert and her daughters are now opening a second Three Sweet Girls in Over-the-Rhine at 29 E. 12th St. with a target opening date of July 6.

“We really wanted to go to downtown. My daughters are young, and we love it here, but we also live the city, we love Over-the-Rhine, we love everything Cincinnati, and we can’t wait to get out and be with Cincinnatians,” Ebbert told me. “It’s just fun down there. We love going out and walking around and going out to eat and getting to know that part of the community.”

Ebbert and her daughters started baking in 2010, making cupcakes for friends and family. But more and more of those friends and family members insisted they go into business, so they began taking orders online and in 2012 moved into part of a building owned by Ebbert’s husband at 7458 Montgomery Road to give the bakery business a go. They ended up expanding and taking over the entire building.

The bakery still specializes in cupcakes but has grown into cakes, cake pops, cookies, custom designs and other sweets. The OTR location will sell all of those things, but because the 500-square-foot location lacks its own kitchen, it will have less emphasis on custom designed cakes and more on satisfying the sweet tooth of passersby and neighborhood residents, Ebbert said.

“One thing people really love are the cake pops because we have more than 100 different flavors we rotate all the time,” she said. “People just come in to buy one and end up getting a dozen.”

Cupcake Crazy Changes Name to 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Cupcake Crazy Changes Name to 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

Cupcake Crazy Changes Name to 3 Sweet Girls Cakery

We are so very excited to announce that Cupcake Crazy has changed it’s name to 3 Sweet Girls Cakery!!! We started out almost 5 years ago in our kitchen at home baking a few cupcakes for friends and then their friends and it exploded. We can not thank all of you enough for the support you have given us. You have been loyal and dedicated and because of all of you we are able to add a new 2nd location in Over the Rhine in July.

We have expanded our product line and while 3 Sweet Girls will always be crazy for cupcakes we offer so much more. Our custom designed cakes have been very successful allowing us to really get creative. We make thousands of cake pops every week. We did not even make cookies in the beginning and now we can barely keep up with the demand.

We are so excited to be able to open this second location in the city, to expand our product line and to offer a whole new brand to grow into. We want to take this opportunity to change our name to represent us better and 3 Sweet Girls Cakery Does that. We look forward to creating all kinds of delicious and creative treats in the coming years!!

Thank you, Lisa, Lauren & Kristen Ebbert

Derk’s Works Blog Feature

Derk’s Works Blog Feature

Congratulations Buddy and Krista!

We’re so excited to be included in this week’s Wedding Wednesday Blog by Derk’s Works!  Here’s what Derk had to say:

Last June we had the opportunity to capture the romantic, chic, garden wedding of Buddy and Krista! Their wedding was a wonderful party and celebration of their love, spirit and commitment with friends and family at the Green Acres Art Center in Cincinnati, OH. From Krista’s stunning Hayley Paige dress, to the pastel color palette, divine assortment of sweet treats from 3 Sweet Girls Cakery, to the custom mixed albums of their favorite tunes for their guests, Buddy and Krista’s wedding was something to be enjoyed!

“The Tiara Show”

The Tiara Show

This is a video Lauren did with Tiara, a patient at Children’s Hospital.  This video is playing on the T.V’s for the patients at Children’s Hospital and the kids are really enjoying our cupcake crafts!!!